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Online Textbook and Resources

Textbooks are the most important part of most teachers’ lives in the classroom.  These books give them examples, exercises, and help on planning their lessons.  However in today’s world of technology and the internet there is a great new way to do textbooks.

Online textbooks and resources give teachers access to vastly more information than a single textbook from one publisher.  Here are a couple of great examples of online textbooks and resources. Flexbooks ( gives you the ability to create a textbook that works for your class and your individual students.  These books are updated frequently and mistakes in them are reported and fixed without the need to republish the book.  Books can be printed and used in the classroom, however they also have the ability to be downloaded to the iPad or the Kindle for easy electronic consumption.

Henrico County Mathematics (

This website is created and run by Henrico County Public Schools in Virginia.  The site has online resources organized for mathematics on two different websites. 

The first one is broken down by course and is setup like you were actually taking the class.  Each course has the topics laid out with information about the topic, examples on how to do them, and then exercises to complete.  Some of the topics include video explanations and interactive activates for the student to complete.

The other website or has all the activities and all the courses loaded together and give you the ability to pick anything you want to see.  Once you choose your topics and activity you will see all the resources available for you to use.

These two websites are great examples of collated resources for teachers to use.  If you have other great sites like these please leave them in the comments for others to see and use.

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