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Social Bookmarking

There are many sites online that allow you to store and share your internet bookmarks.  Here are a few great options for teachers to use in their classroom.

1) – Diigo has a few great options for bookmarking.  The first is they have a free educators program that allows you to set up classes and get private logins for each of your students.  This allows you to use the service with younger students and still keep their information private.  The second option Diigo has is the ability to highlight and annotate your bookmarked pages and to share this information with others on the web.  Finally Diigo allows you to join groups to share and see links from other people.

2) – This is a bookmarking site by Yahoo and was slated to be closed however recent news has showed that it is staying around.  Delicious is an easy site to use since it has lots of plugins for your browsers.  These plugins allow you one click access to add the bookmark to their site and to save them for future use.  Delicious allows you to search by tags and popular bookmarks on their site which gives you great research opprotunities as well as the ability to share your links.

3) – This is a new social bookmarking site that offers a very simple interface to bookmark sites.  This site is very new and growing.  One of the cool things about this site is you can sign up for their premium services for a one-time fee and this fee goes up based on the number of people using their service so the earlier you join the cheaper it is.

Personally I have started using Diigo in my classes and I have found that their options make it really easy for a teacher to manage their classes.

diigo education pioneer

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    Our Goal is to help teachers feel comfortable with technology - Home - Social Bookmarking
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    Our Goal is to help teachers feel comfortable with technology - Home - Social Bookmarking

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